Getting Our Community in the Loop

I want to share a heart-warming message we received recently from Mary Ellen Stone, one of the frequent users of the Community Thread circulator bus: “Once again, Community Thread has reached out beyond its four walls to bring the community together. The Connector Loop, which operates from 10am – 3pm on Mondays, has enriched many lives by enabling those in our community to shop for food (either at a local retailer or at Valley Outreach), attend doctor’s appointments, meet friends and visit downtown Stillwater. In my case, I use the Loop to get to Community Thread to volunteer, and I would be unable to do this if not for the service.”

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Embrace New Technology to Age Well

I confess I am slow to adopt new technology. Like most people, I hate feeling stupid and nothing frustrates me more than trying to navigate my iphone – a new acquisition for me, having proudly carried a flip phone for over ten years. I have never learned all of the features on this new device, much to my downfall.

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Calling all Men for Coffee and Conversation

My partner Ron, a 66 year old journalist who works from home, has been a lot happier lately. In spite of the snow and cold, he has a spring in his step and great energy, which comes in handy for removing that snow. I firmly believe that his new-found happiness is the result of his faithful attendance at his weekly coffee outing with other men his age.

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Lightening Our Loads as We Age

I don’t know about you, but I have accumulated a lot of stuff. Some of which I value, and some which just takes up space. It can feel overwhelming to look at all of it and make decisions as to its next home (or final resting place). I don’t like to send anything to the landfill if it may have some value for someone else but there are some things that need to exit permanently.

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