2300 Orleans Street West, Stillwater

(651) 439-7434

Thrive FAQs

Will the “Senior Center” go away?

Not at all! In fact, we will begin to grow the list of activities we offer, and the sites at Stillwater and Bayport will still be in operation.

Can people still get rides to medical appointments?

Yes! Individuals will still have access to transportation services through Thrive. The intake process and payment structure is changing, but not in any way that will deny medical rides for those who need them.

Where can I learn about other transportation options in Washington County?
How is this program different from what Community Thread has offered to older adults in the past?

Thrive combines and expands the social activities of our previous Older Adults Program and the direct services of our previous Chore & Transportation Program. No previous activities or services are going away, and new and improved benefits will be offered.

Why are things changing?

After 55 years of providing limited services, it’s no secret that times have changed. The aging population in our community is growing, and so is the need for new types of services. Through Thrive, Community Thread can deliver more services to more people in a flexible and sustainable way.

Who can join Thrive?

The benefits of Thrive membership were designed with input from older adults and adults with disabilities, so the program appeals primarily to these particular members of our community. However, anyone age 18+ who feels they can benefit from what the program offers is welcome to explore membership!

What membership options are available?

Thrive offers two main membership options. Connect Membership features social benefits with limited access to services, and Enrich Membership includes social benefits and monthly direct services. An additional introductory option offers limited benefits, most of which require an activity or service fee in place of the annual fee associated with the other two options.

What does it cost to join Thrive?

The rate for Connect Membership is $144 annually ($12/month), and the rate for Enrich Membership is $480 annually ($40/month). However, promotional rates are available to recent Community Thread participants, and to ensure money is not a barrier, half price and free rates are available to people with limited income.

Does this program need volunteers?

Yes! Our modest membership rates only partially cover what is needed to offer this program, so those who donate their time and talent are essential. Our volunteers serve as activity leaders, drivers, home service helpers, and more. All options are very flexible, and you don’t have to be a member to volunteer!

How do I learn more about Thrive?

Visit www.communitythreadmn.org or call 651-439-7434 to join or volunteer for Thrive!