Membership options to fit your lifestyle

Thrive will initially offer two membership options: Connect Membership and Enrich Membership. An Intro member option is also available.

Connect Member 

This level is designed for those who most align with the goal of staying socially connected. By paying an annual fee, a Connect Member has free access to most of our regular ongoing activities as well as a reduced fee for special events. A Connect Member also has access to additional benefits, both those immediately available and many still under development. Please view the orange column in our membership chart for more details.

Enrich Member 

This level is designed for those who are more focused on the goal of staying independent in their primary residence. By paying an annual fee, an Enrich Member has access to monthly ride and home services. Additionally, an Enrich Member has access to many social activities and events, and will soon have access to exciting benefits that are still in development.  Please view the green column in our membership chart for more details.

Intro Member

The Intro member option exists for those without steady desire or need for activities and services at Community Thread. There is no annual fee associated with this level, but individual activity or service fees apply to most benefits. Please view the un-highlighted column in our membership chart for more details.

Explanation of Benefits

Coffee & Treats On Site includes complimentary refreshments at our Stillwater and Bayport locations while you’re participating in our activities.

Community Thread Library refers to the library at our Stillwater location. We have books, puzzles, games, and more that you can borrow as needed!

Ongoing Clubs & Activities include bingo, dominoes, card games, coffee talks, chat groups, book club, fun with yarn, quilting club, painting studio, travel shows, author spotlights, and more.

Wellness Classes from Juniper include instructor-led classes offered by the state’s Area Agencies on Aging that show proven wellness results for older adults. One offering is Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)- an exercise class that increases strength, balance, and fitness and incorporates active movement into your everyday life.

Special Events & Classes include kitchen classes, card making and other crafting classes, as well as holiday parties, educational series, a technology assistance class, and more.

Hosted Activities & Services include trolley tours, pontoon rides, bowling, health insurance counseling, hearing and vision loss resources, foot care, and more. These are activities we host in partnership with other entities, and the same fee applies to all participants. The fee may be FREE if the partner offers the activity or service for free.

Ride Services include medical rides, and for Enrich Members also include rides for errands or social events and the pick-up and delivery of essential items. There may be limitations on the distance of a ride. This benefit is only available to those living in the Stillwater Area School District #834.

Connector Bus Loop runs every Monday from 10am – 3pm, with scheduled stops at housing complexes, stores, and other destinations in Stillwater and Oak Park Heights.

Group Excursions include trips to local ticketed events, sporting events, museums, artistic performances, social hours, and more. Group transportation may be included.

At-Home Services include light house cleaning, laundry assistance, meal preparation, arranging furniture, technology support, garden care, cleaning gutters, window washing, minor repair, pet walking, and more. There may be limitations on the size of the project. This benefit is only available to those living in the Stillwater Area School District #834.

Companion Calls will be arranged as regular 1:1 social phone conversations between members and volunteers. This benefit will only be available to Enrich Members.


If you have questions about membership options and how to join, please call Rachel or Kim at (651) 439-7434.