River Rally

September 2023: Date Coming Soon

Help support the preservation, protection and appreciation of our river with Community Thread’s River Rally: St. Croix River Clean Up. The scenic St. Croix River is where we go to canoe, fish, swim, or simply take in the view. Community Thread’s River Rally engages local volunteers who love the river and surrounding parks and paths and is open to volunteers age 14 and older. 

2023 River Rally date to come.


Join fellow river lovers September 2023 to protect and preserve this beautiful river.

St. Croix River Clean-up
• Help support the preservation, protection and appreciation of the St. Croix River by cleaning up the islands and shoreline of the St. Croix River from the Boom Site to the High Bridge via pontoon boat.

Browns Creek Trail Clean-up
• Help with trail clean up along the Brown’s Creek State Trail

• Help paint a seal coat on five picnic tables that the trail association has along Brown’s Creek Trail, preparing them for winter.

Storm Drain Clean-up and Stenciling
• Help to protect the St. Croix River from storm water pollution by cleaning up curbside debris and stenciling storm drains in downtown and the north hill neighborhood of Stillwater.

Need help becoming a sponsor? Call Cathleen Hess at 651-439-7434 or email Cathleen@communitythreadmn.org.

The St. Croix River is such a precious resource, and it’s in our backyard. I love being able to spend a few hours enjoying its beauty while helping to preserve it so others will be able to enjoy it as well.

— River Valley Volunteer