Community Involvement Awards

April 2023

Since 1975 Community Thread and the Washington County Board of Commissioners have recognized outstanding volunteer service through the Community Involvement Awards. These awards shine a spotlight on volunteerism and honor the great work volunteers do throughout Washington County. Volunteers are recognized in six categories: youth, group/family, exemplary employer, outstanding, lifetime, and legacy.


Community Thread will begin accepting nominations for the 2023 Community Involvement Awards beginning January 9, and closes March 9, 2023.

Nominees must be residents or volunteer for organizations in Washington County who meet the criteria for each award. There are six categories in which volunteers are recognized: Youth, Group/Family, Exemplary Employer, Outstanding, Lifetime, and Legacy.

This award recognizes young people for volunteer service that strengthens the community. 

Eligible Volunteers:

  • Demonstrate strong volunteer service in at least on organization, event, or special project which serves the needs of the community.
  • Demonstrate initiative, commitment, and enthusiasm to volunteerism.
  • Are 18 years of age or younger.

This award recognizes a group or family of volunteers for outstanding volunteer service that benefits the community. 

Eligible volunteer groups:

  • Demonstrate initiative, commitment, and enthusiasm as a team.
  • Engage in volunteer service as a group or family on a consistent basis.

This award recognizes an employer for encouraging its employees to make an impact through volunteer service in the community. 

Eligible employers:

  • Demonstrate organizational commitment and enthusiasm to volunteerism. 
  • Engage in volunteer service on a consistent basis, no less than once per year.
  • Have a location or do business in Washington County.

This award recognizes a single volunteer for commendable service that meets the needs of the community. 

Eligible volunteers:

  • Demonstrate strong volunteer service in at least one organization during a span of 1 or more years.
  • Show dedication and innovation through volunteerism.
  • Are 19 years of age or older.

This award recognizes a single volunteer for his or her commitment to volunteerism.

Eligible volunteers:

  • Demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm, and exceptional volunteer service with at least two organizations during a time span of 10 or more years.
  • Have a depth of volunteerism that has made a positive impact in the community. 
  • Are 30 years of age or older.

This award honor the life of a Washington County volunteer who has passed away and left an indetifiable legacy in the community.

Eligible Legacy nominees:

  • Be deceased within 3 years of the award.
  • Provided service that made a significant contribution to the quality of life in the community.


The Community Involvement Awards selection committee is comprised of award recipients from previous years, Community Thread Board of Directors and staff, and representatives from Washington County. Click here to view a list of previous awardees.

One nomination from each category will be selected to receive the award.

Community Thread reserves the right to honor more than one nomination in case of a tie.

Awardess will be notified and interviewed for communication materials.


Nominees and winners will be recognized during National Volunteer Week between April 16-22, 2023.

Awardees will be invited to attend Black Tie Bingo on April 22, 2023 where they will be celebrated for their volunteer efforts. Awardees will also be invited to the Community Involvement Award breakfast on April 27, 2023 at Community Thread in Stillwater where they will be recognized with county commissioners in attendance.