Thrive at Community Thread

Thrive at Community Thread is a membership program designed by our community for our community. Thrive includes social events, wellness activities, transportation options, home services, volunteer opportunities, and more, and benefits will grow to meet the needs of our members. Thrive empowers older adults and adults with disabilities to stay connected to the community while living independently in their homes. Thrive exists to help our neighbors maintain their right of choice, age in place, and continue to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

We invite all who believe this program can benefit their lives to consider Thrive membership. If you can’t find all of your answers here on our website, please call us at 651-439-7434.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to learn more about how to get involved with Thrive at Community Thread?

There are multiple membership options and levels of involvement within Thrive. Learn more about your options today!

“I’m so grateful for all of the different activities you offer. They give me something to look forward to and that makes my life more serene.”

Thrive Member

 “We are so very fortunate to have you in our midst. Something for everyone. Want a cup of coffee, meet a new friend, exercise, volunteer, borrow a book or a puzzle, play Bridge, or take one of the many classes offered, Community Thread provides. The doors are open to everyone. A ‘treasure trove’ to be explored!” 

Thrive Member

What is Thrive based on?

Thrive is locally funded, designed, and managed to meet our community needs. As a membership program, Thrive is modeled as a “village” with support from the national Village to Village Network. To learn more about what a village is and how the Village to Village Network operates, click here.

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