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Thrive at Community Thread

Thrive at Community Thread is a membership program designed by our community for our community. Thrive includes social events, wellness activities, transportation options, home services, volunteer opportunities, and more, and benefits will grow to meet the needs of our members. Thrive empowers older adults and adults with disabilities to stay connected to the community while living independently in their homes. Thrive exists to help our neighbors maintain their right of choice, age in place, and continue to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Thrive is designed by our members to primarily serve the interests and needs of older adults and adults with disabilities, but anyone over the age of 18 who believes they can benefit from this program is invited to explore Thrive membership.

After you apply, we’ll send a personalized welcome packet and an invoice for your membership fee.

Concerns about the annual membership fee? Call us (651-439-7434)! We’re here to match you to your best membership option regardless of your ability to pay. Promotional rates are available to those who participated at Community Thread before the launch of Thrive in April 2022, and reduced and free membership rates are available for individuals living at qualifying income levels.

The Thrive Model

Thrive is locally funded, designed, and managed to meet our community needs. As a membership program, Thrive is modeled as a “village” with support from the national Village to Village Network.

“I am so grateful for Community Thread. I was unable to walk without assistance and was told I needed regular physical therapy appointments. I had no way of getting to these appointments before Community Thread stepped in to help me. Because of their staff and volunteer drivers, I was able to get to physical therapy and have begun walking much better. I wouldn’t have been able to make such progress without them. This service means so much to me. Thank you!”

~ Thrive Enrich Member

“Thank you for all your hard work and help covering [my] mom’s needs. Her enrollment [in Thrive] has made my life easier.”

~ Daughter of a Thrive member