2300 Orleans Street West, Stillwater

(651) 439-7434

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center connects people to needs in the community.  We serve as a community clearinghouse for volunteerism, promoting volunteer opportunities to individuals, groups, and organizations that are seeking to serve the community. We also work with families who want to introduce volunteering to their children, setting the stage for future good citizens.

Community Thread’s mission is to leverage resources and volunteers to improve the quality of life for adults and their families in our local community. Our Volunteer Center is how we engage the public in our work of community building and this program remains a vital part of our impact.

The Volunteer Center utilizes the Get Connected database for all volunteer management. If you are interested in volunteering now or in the future, please create an account here.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Signature Initiatives

We connect neighbors with people looking for meaningful opportunities to give back to their community. For more information about Community Thread’s Signature Initiatives, click here.

Emergency Response

The Volunteer Center works with local city agencies to promote, support, and encourage volunteerism to serve the needs of the community. To stay up to date with emergency needs, click here.

Individuals and Groups

Our volunteer-oriented programs, events, and opportunities serve people of all ages. Families, individuals, groups, employees, and students can participate. Click here to sign up.

Thrive Volunteers

Thrive volunteers help members maintain their right of choice, age in place, and continue to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives in our community. To learn more, click here.

Affiliate Program

Also known as our Volunteer Leadership Network. Connecting volunteers to your nonprofit organization and providing support to volunteer managers. To learn more, click here.


If you have additional questions about volunteering with or at Community Thread, please email volunteer@communitythreadmn.org or call 651-439-7434.