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Home Helpers

Home Helpers

Home Helpers: Small chores, big impact!

The concept of staying at home as we get older is often referred to as “aging in place.” Aging in place requires more work and planning than moving to an assisted living facility because it includes the ongoing tasks of finding reputable caregivers, scheduling services, and even making modifications to the home.

Research by Fausset, Kelly, Rogers, and Fisk (2012) that explored the barriers and obstacles that older adults experience and must navigate when aging in place suggested that nearly 70% of the obstacles were cleaning-related or outdoor maintenance-related. These activities and chores included things like emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, taking out trash and recycling, and fixture maintenance. To complete these tasks, often it requires a handyman, a cleaning company, or an in-home caretaker. However, when a fulltime position is not needed or cannot be afforded, many older adults utilize family members or volunteers to assist them with basic home care.

Whether it be basic chore/cleaning services, or home task services like painting or appliance repair, there are homeowners in our neighborhood who need volunteers, like you, to assist with simple tasks.

That’s when Thrive Home Helpers come in. As a Home Helper, you are helping individuals age in place, maintaining their independence safely in their home, without feeling like a burden to their families.

Help your neighbors stay safely in their homes by assisting with indoor and outdoor tasks such as small repairs, house cleaning, hanging decorations, organizing belongings, painting, technology support, pet walking, and more! This is a very flexible volunteer opportunity. Sign up here!

Interested in helping with seasonal outdoor services like lawn care or snow removal? Check out the current season’s need here.

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