Seasonal Volunteers

Seasonal Volunteers

Snow Squad: Clearing Snow Barriers for Neighbors

Minnesotans take pride in being hardy during the winter months. However, as we get older, winter can become less appealing. Older adults in Minnesota are often worried about common dangers posed by winter’s onset. These common dangers include falls, mobility restrictions, anxiety, boredom, and social isolation, according to University of Minnesota researcher, Jessica Finlay. Finlay talks about how neighborhood shoveling programs can improve older adults’ experiences in the winter weather.

Community Thread’s Thrive program offers the Snow Squad, a shoveling service, to its Enrich members. However, Thrive depends on dedicated volunteers to be the heart and hands of the Snow Squad.

As a Snow Squad volunteer, you help older adults stay in their homes for longer, reduce risks of falls, improve mobility around their property, decrease weather-related anxiety, and keep individuals engaged and connected to their community.

Help us help our neighbors by adopting a driveway this winter and join the Snow Squad!

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