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Know Your Resources to Age Well

Know Your Resources to Age Well

For older adults who wish to age well by planning for their future needs, there’s a helpful printed guide available. The Seniors Blue Book, published twice a year, is a free publication covering resources over the twin cities seven county metro area, including Washington County.

Publisher Janell Beck was inspired to create it after learning the hard way taking care of her own parents. “It was difficult to make decisions and find information online when my parents needed more support. I realized there are plenty of resources in our area but no easy way to navigate them without a printed publication”. After a year of work, Janell published the first resource guide in January 2019. The Seniors Blue Book covers community resources and services, home health and all older adult housing options, from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing.  It also has feature articles that are worth the read.

Per Janell, the publication has filled a niche. “It has been a blessing to hear how happy it’s made people and that this publication has filled a gap, especially for older adults who have been frustrated trying to find online resources”. Obviously, the guide is helpful to family caregivers as well as our senior professionals in the community.  It provides an overarching view of all of the considerations facing aging adults and the people who care about their well-being.

Let’s face it: part of aging well is recognizing when it’s time to proactively explore options instead of reacting after a crisis has happened. It’s important to accept that most of us over the age of 65 will require some type of supportive care if we want to remain independent. The earlier we realistically assess our current needs and how those needs may change over time, the more choice and control we’ll have.

Knowledge is power. Older adults become empowered when we are able to make informed decisions about this inevitable transition while we still can. Plan ahead and be rewarded with the power that it promises and age well in the process.

The Seniors Blue Book is available at Community Thread, both Stillwater and Bayport sites, Cub Foods, YMCA’s, libraries and many other locations. For those who prefer online information, the website is SeniorsBlueBook.com/Local/Twin Cities or call to order your copy at 952-476-2841.

By: Sally Anderson

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