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Transport Team

Transport Team

Transport Team: Making a Difference on Wheels

Become a volunteer driver and assist your neighbors by providing rides to and from medical appointments and errands! This is a very flexible volunteer opportunity.

Our volunteer drivers play a critical role in minimizing a primary barrier to independence, productivity, and overall well-being.

The Stillwater area is often considered rural when it comes to transportation options. Public transit is limited, access to taxis and other ride-share options are few and far between, and the general walkability is lacking. Getting weekly groceries, attending fitness classes, and staying engaged and connected socially are just a few ways that we can improve our health, personally and societally. However, with limited access to transportation, these things are difficult to obtain and participate in. So, Community Thread’s Transport Team of volunteer drivers step up!

For Community Thread Thrive members, a service that is offered is transportation to and from a variety of places, appointments, and commitments. By providing rides for our members, we can help relieve the stress that is put on other public transportation options. However, we can only do this with our volunteers! So, we are asking YOU to help make a difference in lives right now, and for the future health of our community.

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