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Lawn Care Crew

Lawn Care Crew

Lawn Care Crew: Help Neighbors Maintain Their Lawn and Independence!

Living in the beautiful state of Minnesota, many homeowners take pride in their yards and gardens, especially in the spring and summer time. However, lawn maintenance can be daunting for some; whether it’s a physical struggle like balance or strength, or a financial burden of hiring a lawn service. 

According to research by Same, Lee, McNamara, and Rosenwax (2016), safety was a primary concern for older adults and adults with disabilities when it comes to taking care of their property. Research also suggests that many individuals rely on family members or friends to assist with their lawn care, but report they, “don’t like to feel like a burden to important people in their lives.”

This context is helpful to understand the need for Lawn Care Crew volunteers at Community Thread! Many Thrive members share these feelings and experiences surrounding home and property maintenance. This is where YOU come in! Help relieve the burden, reduce risk, and increase independence by joining the Lawn Care Crew.

How does it work? By joining the Lawn Care Crew, you’re paired with one household, and you work directly with the homeowner to schedule lawn mowing as needed. You only commit to this year, and you make a big difference in your neighbor’s life!

Volunteer today!