AARP Tax Assistance

Calls for appointments starts in January, 2020.
Call 651-439-7434 to schedule your appointment.

Tax Assistance Time

At Community Thread, we take tax assistance time very seriously. Our goal as a tax host site is to serve as many people as possible thanks to our partnership with AARP-trained tax volunteers. We offer a customer-focused process to help you get your taxes filed efficiently and accurately.

  • Appointment times guarantee that a tax volunteer will have time to work with you
  • Reminder postcards help you remember your appointment and the documents needed to file your return
  • Questions you may have about special situations are handled in advance by trained tax experts, saving you time and trouble during your appointment

The AARP Tax-Aide program, sponsored by the AARP Foundation, is offered in conjunction with the IRS and the State of Minnesota for low and middle-income taxpayers. Trained and certified AARP Tax-Aide volunteers will offer free tax assistance at Community Thread from February to April.

Returns can only be prepared for Minnesota residents with income from Minnesota or Wisconsin. The volunteers will explain tax requirements, answer questions, complete your tax return (based on the documents you present) and electronically file your return at no cost to you. Not all IRS Forms and Schedules can be prepared by AARP Tax-Aides (e.g. residential rental income, etc.).

Bring the items listed below to your appointment. If you do not have the proper documents with you at appointment time, you will have to reschedule. You will need for filing federal and state income taxes:

  • Photo identification
  • Birth date and Social Security card(s) for each person listed on the return
  • Health Care Insurance Information for Filers and all Dependents for each month of 2018, including any documents you may have received from the “Exchange” (also called the “Health Insurance Marketplace.”)
  • Copy of 2017 income tax return(s)
  • W-2 forms from each employer for tax year 2018
  • 1099-misc forms or documentation for self-employment income in tax year 2018
  • 1099-R forms if you received pension or annuity income in tax year 2018
  • SSA-1099 forms if you received Social Security benefits in tax year 2018
  • 1099-G forms if you received any unemployment compensation in tax year 2018
  • Listings of gambling winnings in tax year 2018
  • All 1099 forms showing interest and/or dividend income and any documents showing the cost of assets (stock, etc.) sold in tax year 2018
  • Any educational costs in tax year 2018
  • If you intend to itemize your deductions: Mortgage interest, property taxes paid, medical costs and contributions, charitable contributions, vehicle license costs, sales tax for any large purchases. Bring any additional documents that could possibly be relevant to your situation. For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue web page at

A copy of your return and all original documents will be returned to you. No tax records are stored at Community Thread at any time during or after the tax filing period has ended.