Transportation Program

Since 1967, Community Thread’s Transportation Program has provided door-to-door transportation service for seniors and others who are unable to drive to medical appointments. transportationVolunteer drivers use their personal vehicles to transport riders who must be able to walk without assistance. Riders are billed monthly for rides depending on the distance from their home to the medical facility and back. Fares start at $10 for a round trip and $5 for a one-way ride. For riders with limited means, we negotiate a fare that is acceptable to both parties.

Riders must be residents of the Stillwater Area School District, but the medical appointment does not need to be in the Stillwater Area School District. Please contact Cathy Dyball to complete a pre-screening prior to the start of service at 651-439-7434. If you want to learn more about the Transportation Program, view Frequently Asked Questions here, or click here to download our chart that outlines the application process.

If you are seeking other local transportation resources, please take a look at the Transportation Resources for Washington County Residents guide developed by Community Thread’s Transportation Leadership Collaborative Team.