Aging Well

Finding Freedom within a Chronic Condition

After 20 years of pain, I finally visited an orthopedic surgeon to see what was going on with my aching hip. Not surprisingly, he informed me that I have osteoarthritis and when I get tired of the limitation it imposes, I should consider a hip replacement.

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Hearing Loss: It’s a Brain Changer

I was hiking with my older friend at a local park this spring when I heard the lovely call of a Hermit Thrush. It sounds like two flutes playing at the same time and I was eager to share it with my birding buddy. But alas, somewhere along the way her hearing had been damaged (probably a rock concert in the 70’s) and she couldn’t hear this charming sound.  It made me wonder if she was able to hear my charming banter as well.

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What’s Good for You is Good for the Community

I bumped into one of Community Thread’s volunteers the other day as she was returning from supervising a church youth group project. Glenda and the other volunteers had spent the better part of the day at the home of a woman who treasured her garden, but found it was more than she could handle alone given her health situation.  

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Stay in Control by Planning Housing Choices

Nothing evokes the same emotional response as the meaning of home. For me, it is the safe haven from the world, where I go to be restored and renewed.  Right now, I am in good health and I am able to handle the physical work that comes with my home and 10 acres of wooded property. But in a few years, I imagine I will feel differently and perhaps overwhelmed thinking about my next move.

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What Really Matters as we Age in Community

It’s pretty basic. When older adults are asked what they value, their primary need is food. And next on the short list is transportation, followed by maintenance on their homes if they intend to remain independent, “aging in place”. I prefer the expression “aging in community, with support”.

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