Aging Well

Enhancing the Power of Aging

I am writing this column in my hotel room in Baltimore, having spent the last three days at a national conference on how to develop programs that support older adults who want to “age in community” (versus “age in place,” which one attendee likened to a hamster spinning on its wheel, and let’s face it, not going anywhere). Aging in community suggests the way we want to picture ourselves: staying active and engaged, in a healthy and socially connected way.

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The Kind of Community Where I Want to Age

I heard some startling numbers the other evening. I was attending a Minnesota 2030 Community Conversation, hosted at Family Means, on the topic of designing our future as an aging population. More about the numbers later.

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Aging in Place with a Little Help from our Friends

If you are an older adult, you have found that from time to time you need help with things around the house that for some reason you can’t do yourself (for me, it’s moving furniture). If you live in your own home, apartment or condo, and wish to remain independent, have you thought about what supports you may need as you grow older? And if you are the adult child of an aging parent, would it give you peace of mind to know that there are supports available to help with non-medical caregiving tasks?

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Finding Freedom within a Chronic Condition

After 20 years of pain, I finally visited an orthopedic surgeon to see what was going on with my aching hip. Not surprisingly, he informed me that I have osteoarthritis and when I get tired of the limitation it imposes, I should consider a hip replacement.

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Hearing Loss: It’s a Brain Changer

I was hiking with my older friend at a local park this spring when I heard the lovely call of a Hermit Thrush. It sounds like two flutes playing at the same time and I was eager to share it with my birding buddy. But alas, somewhere along the way her hearing had been damaged (probably a rock concert in the 70’s) and she couldn’t hear this charming sound.  It made me wonder if she was able to hear my charming banter as well.

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